GF tea cookies

We bought some GF tea cookies for me today and they are SO good.  There is a little GF section of shelves in the store near our place.  Lucky me!  I picked them up hoping they were crackers so I could have something other than veggies to dip in hummus and such.  Apparently not.

When we got home I hastily opened them-because, OMG cookies-and shoved one in my mouth.  Then my eyes grew large and I stopped mid-chew to say “these don’t taste gluten-free.”  The boyfriend took a bite as I frantically scanned the package for an (English) indicator of the GF-ness of these tasty, tasty cookies.  Much to my relief, there was not only a small English label half hidden in the fold of the wrapper, but a list of ingredients!

I’d take a picture of the package for you, but BF, who has stolen my camera and claimed it as his own, is at the circus school working diligently on a duo trapeze act and some sort of choreographed dance routine.

So these weren’t the crackers I had hoped, and I won’t be dipping them in hummus or tahini (which is apparenetly pronounced tkheenuh), but the result was pleasantly surprising-better than half the stuff I’ve had in the States.  Israeli’s know how to treat a GF girl right when it comes to cookies.  This is the third type I’ve had so far, actually.  They’ve all been amazing.  These are not my favorite of the three (How can they compete with wafers dipped in chocolate?) but they were the most surprising with their level of deliciousness.  Om nom nom!


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Lover of food, flowers, and felines. Movement nerd. Herbalism apprentice. Hiking enthusiast.

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  1. You may learn Hebrew quicker than you think!! Miss you lots….Praying for and thinking of you every day.
    Love, Pam


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