Clean clothes are a luxury here

We finally gave in and took our massive amount of laundry to the place by the grocery store and had the lovely lady there do it for us.  She always remembers Dan and is so forgiving when we never know his phone number (we forget to write it down beforehand every single time).  It cost just under $50.  That is why we do our laundry in a bucket, as you saw in the pictures.  But it won’t stop raining for very long, and when it does, it’s still too humid so nothing dries.  It takes days for a shirt to dry.  I’m not exaggerating.  It’s nuts.  This rain is great for Israel, but not for my clothes.


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Lover of food, flowers, and felines. Movement nerd. Herbalism apprentice. Hiking enthusiast.

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  1. I’m thinking of you as I go put my clothes in the dryer….one thing of many that you are possibly looking forward to in MAY!!
    Missing you lots!
    Love, Pam


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