Haifa Educational Zoo and Botanical Gardens/How Time Flies

Today we took a trip into Haifa so I could get my pizza fix from the little hole in the wall place we found before that offers GF pizza. I got two this time, so I’d have one to take home. (I also got gluten free bread from a health food store I just happened to spot while we were waiting for the bus.) Unfortunately, the cat who has adopted us came in the house, got into the box, and started eating the tomatoes off the top! Strange animal. Why would she want tomatoes? At least she only got that far before I found her and kicked her out. No one messes with my GF pizza, ok? NO ONE. Not even cute little kitty faces. Also, I’m still eating it. I don’t care if she touched it with her germy, outdoor, kitty mouth.

While we were there we also went to the zoo! It’s a small zoo, but they had some cool animals. The gardens were actually just trees and non-flowering plants, but as you can see from the pictures below, there were flowers throughout the zoo grounds.

Tomorrow we are hopefully going to the sea or somewhere else nice and relaxing with some friends of ours, then Thursday we are leaving for Nablus, in the Palestinian territories, where we will be visiting a circus there until Sunday. I’m hoping we can visit Ramallah quickly on our way back to Jerusalem, where we’re planning on staying a night so we can visit the zoo there, as well as the botanical gardens. Anyone seeing a theme here?

The next night marks the beginning of Passover, and instead of finding someone to host us so we can experience a proper passover, we’re planning to go camping for a night with a friend.

Then it’s on to the Israel Juggling Convention the following Wednesday to Sunday.

We’re actually planning to be completely away from the apartment for 10 days, which seems so strange to me; perhaps that’s just because I spend most of my time here.

We also have to fit in a Mexican food/Life Aquatic movie night, a final Shabbat at the Circus, hopefully a visit to some local ruins and the Utopia Orchid Park, AND a going away party we’ll be hosting for ourselves. Phew! We only have a few weeks left here, but they’re going to be packed.

Ok! Onto the photos!


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