Mike’s Hard Lemonade…gluten free???

As I was scrolling through my facebook this evening, another post from The Savvy Celiac caught my eye. This time it was about the claims Mike’s Hard Lemonade makes about being gluten free! Here is their explanation, as you can also see by clicking the link:

“Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co. products available in the US are made with a premium malt base (fermented barley and hops like traditional beer) that is then further processed using a highly specialized, multi-stage filtration process. Highly sensitive tests from an independent lab analysis indicate that mike’s® products do not contain any traces of gluten protein (including hordein).”

I know that most hard liquor is all safe because the distillation process does something (I’m not a chemistry buff, so don’t ask me what) that makes it safe for us GF folks to drink. I have heard that the Godiva liqueurs are NOT gluten free, however, but I assume that is because of something added after the distillation process. Correct me if I’m wrong.

But, as far as I know, malt beverages were distilled, and have avoided all of them since going GF almost two years ago. Maybe distillation is what Mike’s is referring to when they say “highly specialized, multi-stage filtration process.” But…I dunno. I’m sorry Mike’s, but I don’t trust any malt beverages to be gluten free. I’m not a huge fan of Mike’s Hard Lemonade anyway (I had it in my pre-GF days), because it’s far too sugary, but if it’s really GF, it’s nice to have options.


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