Dr. Vicki Peterson videos

I just started watching Dr. Vicki Peterson’s videos. There is some really great stuff in there! I’ve been watching a couple every day for the last few days. I found this one on products that “may contain wheat” to be particularly interesting. I do not have strong or very immediate digestive reactions to gluten, so I feel that my intolerance is not as severe as others’. Because of that, I often eat things that “may contain wheat” or have been “processed in a facility” that also handles wheat. I don’t seem to have a problem with non GF certified oats either, but I try to avoid them anyway, in case I’m just not aware that they’re tearing up my insides. In an ideal world, we could avoid all gluten, but it’s nice to know that (some) of us don’t have to be so strict when it comes to products that “may contain wheat.” :)


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