Just eating gluten free foods is not enough….

Here is a really great three-part series of blog posts from The Gluten-Free Homemaker on how to avoid even small amounts of gluten that can (and most likely do) make you sick, such as making sure grills/pans/pots/salad bowls, etc. in restaurants are cleaned before preparing your food and ensuring your friend doesn’t use a stick of butter or something from a shared container (peanut butter, jelly, mayo, etc.) that has been contaminated with gluteny crumbs.

These are a must read for anyone maintaining a gluten free diet, as well as friends, family, and anyone in the food industry. Actually, I think everyone should read it, because with 1 in 133 people being gluten intolerant/sensitive, chances are you’ll dine with or prepare food for someone who has to be GF.

Part One: Gluten Free Food.
Part Two: Eating In Your Home. There is some really great information on how to maintain a safe kitchen with gluten containing as well as gluten free ingredients.
Part Three: Eating Outside Your Home. This has some very helpful hints for those cooking for gluten free guests to consider.


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