La Cocina

The day after we got back from Israel, Dan and I took a trip to Tucson, primarily to see Fleet Foxes play at the Rialto Theatre. The first night we were there, we ended up at La Cocina for dinner, after much yelp sleuthing on my part for places that had gluten free offerings. That was pretty much the best decision I ever made about where to eat. It’s been so long since we were there, that I’m just going to copy and paste my yelp review for you. But oh man, if you’re ever in Tucson, go there-gluten free or not.

“This is my new favorite place. I had one of the best dining experiences of my life there last night.

Locally conscious, vegetarian, vegan, GLUTEN FREE(!!!), and omnivore friendly food (from beef to sprouted tofu).

The most beautiful patio.

Hibiscus lemonade.

One of the best salads I’ve ever eaten.

A great bluegrass band (I forget their name, but I’ll try to remember to update with it later).

The best gluten free bread I’ve ever had. I actually thought it was regular bread for a minute there.

Awesome, super friendly service.

Lavender white chocolate gluten free cheesecake. Need I say more?

Very reasonably priced-$30 for two people for two entrees, one appetizer, one dessert, and two lemonades. Well worth it, especially when you consider the fact that it’s actually real, healthy food.

I went because they came up on yelp when I searched for gluten free in tucson. Boy am I glad I did. It was the perfect date spot for my boyfriend and I. A little romantic, in that southwestern, cool spring night, lemonade drinking on the porch kind of way. I wish I could go back every night. I’ll be back every time I’m in Tucson, for sure.”

Here are pictures, because who doesn’t like pictures?

Don’t we look so zen? We totally were. It was a great we-just-got-back-in-the-country-and-missed-it-so-much experience.


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  1. Thanks for this! I am vegan locavore, and I travel a lot. I am always looking for places that can support my lifestyle! Thanks again!


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