I can’t believe I never posted my pictures from our visit to Palestine. We were ridiculously busy after that, and then we were home, where we were also ridiculously busy. Now it’s the end of June and I’m in South Dakota, interning for The Nature Conservancy, out on the prairie (with ticks), while Dan is in Pennsylvania, working as a camp counselor and circus instructor for kids at an overnight camp. My, how time flies.

We went to Palestine to volunteer at the Nablus Circus School. It was such an amazing experience. The kids were great, the owners of the circus were amazing (he’s from Palestine, she’s from Iowa, of all places). I’m so happy we went, for so many reasons. It was my favorite part of my time in the Middle East. It was also the most eye-opening. I could talk about it all day…but I won’t do that here.


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Lover of food, flowers, and felines. Movement nerd. Herbalism apprentice. Hiking enthusiast.

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  1. Really good pictures. Pam sent them to me. Hope you are enjoying your work!! Liz


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