Chebe Pizza Crust Mix

I had never seen Chebe in stores before, but I’d heard of it. When I found the gluten-free section in the Hy Vee out here in the remote world of South Dakota, I was really impressed. They had tons of stuff! There were even those chia seeds I keep seeing everyone talk about.

So I bought a box of the Chebe pizza crust mix, because it was inexpensive and it didn’t call for a mixer of any kind. I didn’t read the ingredients until I got home. Then I found out it was basically just tapioca starch in a box. I wasn’t too impressed. I continued to not be impressed after eating it. It tasted weird. The texture and crunchiness were good, though, so I’ll give it points for that.

Today I found an ancient handheld mixer in the crew house today, though. Now I can try some of the others, or make my own, like I’ve been wanting to. So stoked. :)


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Lover of food, flowers, and felines. Movement nerd. Herbalism apprentice. Hiking enthusiast.

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  1. i love chia seeds. you can make a kind of pudding with chia seeds, coconut milk, and agave. it looks like fish eggs because the seeds puff up, but it tastes so good!

    • glutenfreeshiksa

      Iiiiinteresting. I’ve heard a lot about chia seeds lately. I think I’ve even seen a recipe for that pudding, or some variation of it. Does it have a weird texture, like tapioca?


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