Stocking the Pantry

I stocked up on a bunch of GF flours today, so I can start baking. I got:

Potato starch
Tapioca starch/flour
Arrowroot powder
Brown rice flour

I also picked up some baking powder and baking soda, as well as some essential spices.

I’m only here for six more weeks, but I haven’t been able to bake for the last six months and I miss it so much. I’ve been saving tons of recipes to try.

It’s hard not having a kitchen stocked with cooking and baking supplies-a Kitchenaid mixer, for example-but I’ve picked up a few things and have most of what I need to make most of the things I want to bake.

I got three different pizza crust mixes (Namaste Foods, Full Circle, and Bob’s Red Mill), so I can compare. I got a bread mix too (Bob’s Red Mill). I’ve never tried making GF bread at home, so I want to compare those mixes too. I really want to make some from scratch as well. Same with the pizza crusts. I like knowing what’s out there and how it all tastes, though. Now that acquiring all the flours I need, I can do both.


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