Sloppy Lentils

I made these Sloppy Joe Lentil Posers from Nourishing Flourishing for dinner tonight and they were absolutely amazing.

They were quick*, easy, and did I mention delicious? Because they were. They were so much better than I expected. I thought they’d be so-so, but they were so super awesome! Lentils are one of my favorite foods, in pretty much any form, so that made it even better.

Make them! Right now! Go!

*Ok, so lentils aren’t that quick, but if you put them in your rice cooker, you can forget about them and go do something else, so it kind of doesn’t count toward the total prep time, in my opinion.


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Lover of food, flowers, and felines. Movement nerd. Herbalism apprentice. Hiking enthusiast.

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  1. Thank you for giving the Sloppy Joes a shoutout! :) I am delighted that you liked them. Woohoo for lentils!


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