July in Pictures

I got way behind on this whole blogging thing. I suppose I was a bit busy.

Looking for a place to live…online-without being able to see anything in person before committing.
Trying to find a job…again, online (still unsuccessful)
Working (the internship was still in full swing until the second week of August)
Going on trips to Duluth, Minneapolis, and the Ingall’s-Wilder Homestead in SD
Driving back to AZ from SD (alone)
Packing, organizing, and trying to see everyone as much as possible in one week before leaving for VT.
Driving across the country (in four days) with The Boyfriend’s wonderful, talented, awesome sister.
Setting up house here in West Dummerston (a small village-how quaint, right?-outside the town of Brattleboro, where he is attending the New England Center for Circus Arts).
Continuing the job hunt.
Exploring Brattleboro.
And so on.

Busy, busy.

I took almost as many pictures in July as I did in May! That must mean it was a fun month. While I always know how much fun I had without a measurable unit, it’s still nice to be able to sort of measure it anyway. :)

Here they are! I hope you enjoy looking even half as much as I enjoyed going, doing, and shooting.


About thesurlyhedgehog

Lover of food, flowers, and felines. Movement nerd. Herbalism apprentice. Hiking enthusiast.

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