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Quinoa Topped with Chard, Pine Nuts, Roasted Garlic, and Parmesan

The Beginnings of Dinner

Chard season is over, at least where I am, but I snatched some up at the Farmer’s Market a couple weeks ago (the last of it? ¬†Greenhouse grown? ¬†I dunno.) to make this recipe one last time before I won’t be able to find anymore of the stuff.

The original recipe is here, from The Bitten Word.

My mom sent it to me after she made it for me when I was home this summer for a week, before heading off to Vermont. I am not a big fan of vegetables. I try, but I don’t succeed much. They’re just all too bitter for my supertaster sensibilities. I almost always detest wilted greens too, because of the texture. But this stuff? Oh man. It was delicious! That was the first time I’d eaten chard too! I was very surprised. Now it’s one of my favorite veggies!

This time around, I decided to roast a head of garlic instead of using the minced garlic the recipe calls for. I followed that hilarious guide, since I’d never roasted garlic before and didn’t want to mess it up (it’s easy).

I use a lot of pine nuts in this recipe. A lot. So…use as many as you like. If you love pine nuts, do like I do. If you don’t, use a little. Or none. It’s up to you. They make the dish for me, but to each their own.

Here’s the deal:
Put the garlic in the oven and I forget about it for about half an hour.
Throw some quinoa in the rice cooker. Maybe 1/2 a cup. Maybe more.
Go do something else for 10-15 minutes, like check your facebook, pet the cat, or clean something.
Come back and follow the recipe for cutting and cooking the chard.
Toast the pine nuts.
Use the basil if you want it. I use it if I have it, but if I don’t, it doesn’t bother me to leave it out. I don’t like basil much anyway.
By the time you’re done, your quinoa and garlic should be ready.
I spooned the garlic cloves out and mixed them in with the chard mixture, smashing them a bit as I went. You could serve them on top, or give each person their own garlic head on the side. Whatever you like.


Grate as much parmesan as you want, and sprinkle it on. We use a lot. We like cheese. What can I say?
Now eat it and be happy. :)



Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash-Vegan, GF, and Nightshade Free

I’m eliminating nightshades from my diet for a little bit, to see if it helps with my joint pain/arthritis, as well as some digestive issues I’ve been having (which could be from too much dairy, but we’ll see).

Cooking gluten free, nightshade free, and vegetarian (because The Boyfriend doesn’t eat meat, and I avoid it most of the time) is kind of tricky, especially when you’re finicky like I am.

This sweet potato breakfast hash from Emily Levinson was a big hit with The Boyfriend, though. I’m sure it helps that he had worked and trained all day, then came home and dinner was already done and he didn’t have to do dishes. But still. He said it was REALLY good. I thought it was good too, but I wasn’t quite as excited as he was. I was really skeptical at first, because while I like sweet potatoes, I don’t like more than a few bites of them, most of the time. This is definitely worth eating again, though.

It’s vegan, gluten-free, and nightshade free. Well, mine wasn’t vegan, because I added ground beef to my bowl…but it’s vegan when left the way it is.

She posted it right as I started looking around online for recipes. How convenient! I’m so thankful. :)

I’ve been in a food rut. I’m feeling uninspired and…well…lazy. Having to think even more about what I’m going to eat and not being able to just grab things I have in the house because now they’re off limits, is forcing me to cook, even when I don’t want to. So far it’s been alright though. Two out of three dinner ideas I’ve tried have been great, and they’ve all been from her!

It will be interesting to see how the rest of the week goes….

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