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Muffins and Granola

Today I made muffins.  And granola.  

I made these muffins.  Only not mini.  Because I don’t have a mini muffin pan lying around.  You can do so much with a muffin pan, but I can’t think of as many things that I would want to make in a mini muffin pan.  Frivolous bakewear, in my humble opinion.  I digress.  These muffins.  They. Are. Amazing.  I’d recommend baking them for 20 minutes if you make them in a regular ol’ muffin pan.  You should get a dozen of them, and you can fill the cups pretty full-at least 3/4s.  They’re from the Gluten Free Goddess.  She’s got a pretty nice blog over there.  You should visit it after you make these muffins.  If you do it before, you’ll get distracted.  If you do it after, you’ll have muffins to eat while you browse.  Win-win, am I right?

Here’s a picture, because people like pictures, and I like taking them.Image

Now, onto the granola!  The recipe is from my most favorite blog ever: BigBANG Studio.  Her blog is so full of wit and whimsy that I nearly die from awesome every time I read it.  When I first found it, I spent days reading all her posts, back to the beginning of the blog.  That’s how much I love it.  So the granola.  She calls it Steve’s Best Damn Granola.  It’s A LOT of granola.  Beware!  And it’s really good, so that shouldn’t be a problem.  I left out the brown sugar. The maple syrup adds enough sweetness for me (even with my major sweet tooth). I added chia seeds…because I bought some randomly and hadn’t used them yet “so what better time to start than now?” I thought to myself.

I have a picture of that too.  Were you worried? 


Look at all those little clustery bits of deliciousness.  And they’re ALL MINE!  But if you wanted some, it’s easy to make, and you could go do that.  Right now.  If you wanted.

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