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Circus Purim party!

The circus held a party for Purim yesterday evening. Purim is a big deal in Israel, not so much back in the States from what I’ve seen, and though it’s technically only about 24 hours long, people celebrate for about a week. I’ve heard it compared to Halloween by some friends here. Though, the meaning is completely different. Purim is the celebration of the Jewish people yet again avoiding plots to destroy them, this time by the evil Haman. Side note: They eat a pastry called Hamantaschen or Oznei Haman, as a special Purim treat, representing Haman’s ears. Why his ears? I’m not sure. But I’m sure they’re delicious. I can’t eat them, as they’re made of “wheat powder” (as Dan refers to it), but Dan has eaten enough for the both of us, I think. =p

The party was a recital of sorts, for the kids (and their parents) taking classes at the school. All the classes got up and did a little performance. It was messy and disorganized and last minute, but it was cute. The kids had fun playing and dressing up. I spent the evening taking pictures, until my camera battery bit the dust (right before the grand finale, of course). I took a lot of photos but I only edited the ones I was passionate about. Some of them aren’t even that great, but what was going on was cool or cute or whatever. :) Let me know what you think.


Trapeze pictures

I’ve been taking Einav’s aerials class on Fridays, as well as working on my own time, with help from her and/or Dan.  I’m now able to get up onto the trapeze on my own!  I know a few tricks.  I’m working on my strength-pull ups, chest lifts, shoulder lifts-to develop my “trapeze wings.”  I feel good about it so far.  Every single thing you do on the trapeze hurts.  A lot.  Even just holding onto the bar.  I’m developing calluses on the palm side of my first knuckles.  Holding onto the bar stopped being so painful in my joints after the first couple of weeks, which is a huge breakthrough.  I wasn’t sure I could keep doing it if it were so painful consistently.  It’s causing little to no wrist pain as well, which is a huge deal considering the major issues I was having before I left the States.  I’m having some difficulties with elbow pain in the medial side, but it comes and goes.  I think with arnica, ice, proper warm-ups and stretching of my arms, and resting when I need to will keep it under control.  Even with all the pain and difficulty, I’m loving trapeze.  I never even considered it as something I would be interested in, but I’m so in love.   So here are a few photos from the beginning.  I’ll try to get Dan to snap some more.  I’m applying for the “intensive” circus program at the New England Center for Circus Arts (NECCA) in Vermont for the fall.  Dan is applying there as well, but for the professional program.  We have to make videos for our applications, so I’m sure I’ll have that up soon, as well as some more pictures.

We’re taking a week long vacation, starting on Sunday, where we’ll be spending a night in Elat-the southermost point in Israel-then heading over to Jordan and spending two nights in Petra.  After that we’re going back to Israel and spending a few nights in Jerusalem.  Expect an update about that in the next couple of weeks.


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